Meg’s Melliodora News & Mitch’s Melliograms

Visitors to the Melliodora Apprentice Journal may have noticed a little bit change that has taken place. Now that we have the talented Meg Ulman aka. Artist As Family in our offices providing regular updates on the day to day goings on here at Melliodora, you will notice less verbose blog entries from yours truly. You can […]

Seed saving

Folding up little seed packets in your downtime is a great habit for seed saving! Having a little packet to pop seeds in can be the difference between quickly taking that opportunity to grab some amazing seeds, and putting it in the too hard basket as your walking companions begin to loose patience and walk […]

… and finally, some rain!

   It’s been dry here. Very very dry. Today is one of the few days since I’ve been here that we’re getting a good rain (and thus a nice opportunity for a blog post). The way one relates to rain is so starkly different from city to country. In the city, rain was an inconvenience, […]

Meet Mitch, the new apprentice!

Hi everyone, I’m Mitch, the new apprentice here at Melliodora. Although I began my apprenticeship back in September, I am just starting to feel I’m getting into the swing of things. This first post, my self introduction has been a tricky one to write! Previous attempts at writing thus far have been scrunched and tossed […]

Spring time!

Spring is here, we’ve had some amazing sunny days  and preparing garden beds and sowing seeds is well underway. Last week I planted the first tray of seedlings in the greenhouse, they are coming along nicely and I’ve just planted a second one. We use a heat pad under the earliest seedling trays to warm […]

Appropriate technology

Appropriate technology is a word that can cover a lot of tools from scythes to computers, portable electric fences to grain grinders, generally an item that creates a big difference with minimal energetic cost and footprint. I consider chainsaws to be appropriate technology in many ways and we’ve just acquired a  second hand Stihl 192t […]

Tree crops for staple food

  We’ve been experimenting with different uses of chestnuts. We had a big chestnut crop this year and managed to keep most of them from the birds. We had lots and lots for breakfast every morning (and sometimes for dinner)  for a couple of months while they were fresh, we stored them in plastic buckets […]

Subscriptions now available

For those of you who would like to be notified of new posts email subscriptions to my journal are now available. Enter your email in the top left corner of the page to subscribe and receive updates.   sorry for the delay.

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