Archive | August, 2012

Appropriate technology

Appropriate technology is a word that can cover a lot of tools from scythes to computers, portable electric fences to grain grinders, generally an item that creates a big difference with minimal energetic cost and footprint. I consider chainsaws to be appropriate technology in many ways and we’ve just acquired a  second hand Stihl 192t […]

Tree crops for staple food

  We’ve been experimenting with different uses of chestnuts. We had a big chestnut crop this year and managed to keep most of them from the birds. We had lots and lots for breakfast every morning (and sometimes for dinner)  for a couple of months while they were fresh, we stored them in plastic buckets […]

Subscriptions now available

For those of you who would like to be notified of new posts email subscriptions to my journal are now available. Enter your email in the top left corner of the page to subscribe and receive updates.   sorry for the delay.

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