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The dam – almost empty after a very hot dry spring/summer

It’s been dry here. Very very dry.

Today is one of the few days since I’ve been here that we’re getting a good rain (and thus a nice opportunity for a blog post).

The way one relates to rain is so starkly different from city to country. In the city, rain was an inconvenience, a reason to carry an umbrella. At it’s best it was an aesthetic comfort on a cozy day indoors.

But here on the farm, and amongst networks of growers, it’s a topic on the fore of everyones mind. How many millimeters of rain comes down makes such a massive impact on everyones livelihoods. When you’re growing food and it doesn’t rain, you must do the work of getting things watered. On hot sweltering days, you can’t really start watering until that big ball of intense heat subsides and stops sucking the moisture from the ground.

In the heat we’ve had here we’ve been losing on average about 6mm a day in evaporation! (This is something I need to remember to keep perspective when we do get some rain – 6mm of rain feels like a fairly decent amount, but really it is far from enough to be significant)

When the rain does come though, and when it sounds like real rain, it is a huge feeling of relief! Every cell in the body seems to relax.

Today was one of those days. No need to water this evening, nature has taken care of things for us!