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Winter and rainy day jobs

The glorious spud. We grow a lot of potatoes here, this season we’ve harvested over 200 kilos so far and still have a few in the ground. Spuds are a great  staple food to grow at home because they are easy to grow, highly productive and take minimal processing work compared with grains and legumes.  We […]

Orchard management and outdoor cooking

This image of the cellar shows the boiled down (pun anyone?) result of lots of work put in over the summer.  We are just about at the end of bottling season and just getting into using the bottled fruit. Ive been working on cutting up and bottling the last few damaged apples. We produce a […]

Bent grass and reading landscapes

Though the list of benefits of a diverse, integrated systems are many (broad range of produce year round, disease control, etc)  nothing is perfect and there are challenges with a high level of integration on a small scale. Bent grass (Agrostis spp) , known for its creeping and crawling root mass, Is one of the […]

Apple pressing, Green Manure, Building and more

We recently did a joint apple pressing with our nieghbor and friend, Maureen, her WWOOFer and our WWOOfers. Apple pressing is a great way to turn a surplus of fruit into juice or other products and can be a great community event.  In our area there are a few different presses, some manufactured and some […]

Summer turns to Fall

A few weeks before the fall equinox we had a very clear change from hot, dry summer to cool and wet fall. The rains came earlier than usual (if there is a usual here, the southern hemisphere, especially australia is known for unpredictable weather) and with it came a lasting cool change. Though its dried […]

Fruit Galore

I am often asked what a normal day is like for me here, a very difficult question to answer as there really is no normal here, no average day. Today I will write about yesterday, in chronological order to give an idea of what a day here can be like. I started my day off […]

The summer rolls on

Since my last post weve got started with another lot of WOOFers. When the 3 of them arrived the garden and orchard was in pretty good shape and we spent some time building up one of the paths on the property. I got a lesson in chainsaw ripping, which was very exciting. Chainsaw ripping is […]

My first entry

Welcome everyone This Blog will serve as a medium for me to share some of my experiences and give a general overview of what being the Apprentice at Melliodora is like while documenting the property as the seasons change. I hope that this blog will help to keep my current family and friends updated on […]

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