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Spring is here, we’ve had some amazing sunny days  and preparing garden beds and sowing seeds is well underway. Last week I planted the first tray of seedlings in the greenhouse, they are coming along nicely and I’ve just planted a second one. We use a heat pad under the earliest seedling trays to warm the soil and get a head start. Earlier this week we had 3  interns/wwoofers arrive, including Matteo who was here earlier in the year.  We have got many garden beds ready for planting and some things planted already and I’m feeling very good about the state of the garden. In the picture above, holes dug, filled with compost and soil mounded back on top to plant pumpkins in. Mulch from green manure crop has been left between mounds but mounds left bare with cut glass bottles on top to warm soil before planting. Newly constructed bamboo trellis in front of greenhouse will have beans growing up it once the soil warms, lettuce seedlings planted in front of where the beans will be. The concrete blocks from the base of the greenhouse and open sun exposure will keep the lettuces warmer then other spots in the garden.

Daffodils are a great plant to go under fruit trees. They provide dense cover and shade out potential competition then die back when it starts to warm up and dry out, leaving a layer of mulch behind and minimal competition to the tree.

Broccoli, carrots and beetroot that were planted last fall are now starting to produce as the weather warms.