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A few weeks before the fall equinox we had a very clear change from hot, dry summer to cool and wet fall. The rains came earlier than usual (if there is a usual here, the southern hemisphere, especially australia is known for unpredictable weather) and with it came a lasting cool change.

Though its dried out a bit since then we are clearly into fall now, theres been lots of autumn   grass growth, germination in the garden and the irrigation has been minimal.

In the garden weve been planting all the winter vegies: brassicas ( cabbage, broccoli, cauli), carrots, beetroot, radish, daikon and lots of greens among other things.


Using some extra sheets of glass, some scrap screws, bolts and bits of tin strap I assembled a quick,  temporary greenhouse over a row of capsicum and eggplant  to extend there season.  In addition to the extra warmth in the day, the cover removes the risk of damage from light frost.

Axel and Pedro grading grapes. Grapes are just about finished now but the figs are ripening and the fall raspberries have started in addition to the continuous incoming stream of different apple and pear varieties so were still ‘right for fruit.

A Mexican dinner with Beans, corn, nopales (cactus) and salsa all from the property. Cactus is a fantastic food source, and well adapted to much of Australia, but most people dont have the cultural knowledge and it is mostly viewed as an invasive species instead of a climatically appropriate food producing plant.